About us

The host is BoYaSTAR GmbH, which is owned by the family of Birgit and Udo Oksakowski. At the company's headquarter in Gaschurn - in the thriving border rectangle of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein - we rent out two apartments for enjoyable living and working.

We look forward to welcoming you at Chesa Bunita!

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Directions to Chesa Bunita

In winter we recommend to carry snow chains and work gloves in the vehicle and to make sure that they are easily accessible, especially when arriving.
Please contact us in advance if you wish to arrive or depart between 20:00 and 07:00. Thank you very much.

Distances from Chesa Bunita:

● Bus stop: 12 min. by foot (approx. 0.9 km)
● Outdoor pool: 15 min. by foot (approx. 1.2 km)
● Centre (church): 4 min. by car or 19 min. by foot (approx. 1.5 km)
● Railway station Schruns: 17 min. by car

● Cable car Silvretta-Versettla: 4 min. by car
● Cable car Silvretta-Garfrescha: 7 min. by car
● Cable car Tafamunt: 7 min. by car
● Cable car Vermunt: 7 min. by car
● Cable cars Silvretta-Valisera and Hochjoch-Grasjoch: 9 min. by car
● Cable car Hochjoch-Zamang: 15 min. by car
● Cable car Hochjoch: 17 min. by car
● Cable car Golm-Vandans: 22 min. by car
● Cable car Golm-Latschau: 23 min. by car
● Cable car Gargellen: 24 min. by car
● Cable car Hochjoch-Kapell: 24 min. by car
● Cable car Kristberg-Silbertal: 25 min. by car


Our House Rules

Version of 1st January 2023

Dear guests!

Welcome to Chesa Bunita. We hope that you will enjoy a great stay with us and look forward to seeing you again.

We live in a community in which we want to feel comfortable. That is why we treat each other in a friendly manner and show respect for one another. The efficient use of natural resources is also a matter close to our hearts.

Please therefore observe the binding House Rules for Guests. By signing the rental contract, you agree to comply with them. Thank you very much!

1. Arrival and Departure

  • We can move into our rented property (the holiday flat, allocated storage spaces and rooms, parking and shelter spaces for vehicles) from 3:00 pm on the day of the agreed arrival. The handover of the rental object including badges and keys will take place as agreed with the landlord in advance.
  • On the  day of the agreed departure, please hand over the rented property including badges and keys again in perfect condition by 11.00 am. Upon return to the landlord, the final account is also reconciled.

2. Use and Rest Periods

  • We ensure that our rented property is always treated with care, ventilated and kept in perfect condition.
  • We also treat and enjoy the joint facilities, i.e. the green areas and other outdoor facilities (access to the building and driveway, forecourt), the recycling room, the staircase including the lift and the hobby/sports area in the second basement of the building.
  • Furthermore, we treat in the rented property and in the common rooms the furnishings and household effects owned by the landlord as carefully as possible and take precautions to avoid damaging, soiling or even go missing. A list of all items and household effects in the rented property can be found in the guest folder, which is available in the holiday flat.
  • Nobody damages or loses furnishings or household effects on purpose. Please report any loss (e.g. of badges, keys), defects or damage to the landlord immediately.
  • We store movable goods (supplies, equipment etc.) exclusively in the rented property. We will not take sports equipment of any kind, e.g. skis or other winter equipment, hiking utensils, bicycles, as well as wet and heavily soiled shoes or clothing, into the holiday flat, but leave them in the storage room.
  • Please only wear slippers when entering the hobby/sports area. It is best not to take valuables there at all, as the landlord accepts no liability for them.
  • The landlord has unconditional domiciliary rights. In rare cases it may be necessary for his representatives to enter the rented property during our stay.
  • Life becomes more colourful and interesting where many different people live together. And they often have different needs - e.g. young and old: We also want to give children and young people time and space for liveliness. Children and young people are allowed to play in the holiday flat and around the building - parents are responsible for their supervision and the cleanliness of the outdoor facilities after play. Unsupervised access to the hobby/sports room in the second basement is available from the age of 14.
  • As a rule, we do not allow visitors to spend the night in the rented property. In exceptional cases, we will consult the landlord in advance and pay for any additional costs.
  • We only keep pets inside the holiday flat and make sure that the furnishings do not get exceptionally worn. We will please not take pets into the hobby/sports area. We will also ensure that fellow occupants are not disturbed by noise or smell because of the keeping of pets. Outside the holiday flat, we only keep dogs on a leash on the entire property.
  • We park vehicles exclusively in the parking and shelter spaces allocated to us by the landlord. The maximum height in the carport is 220 cm and the maximum width 250 cm.
  • We keep quiet (e.g. music only at room volume) especially on weekdays until 07:00 in the morning and in the evening from 10:00, and on Sundays and public holidays throughout the day.

3. Safety

  • The building is secured with an automatic fire alarm system and the lift is secured with its own manually triggered alarm system in case of emergency. The escape routes and the positions of the fire extinguishers are clearly marked throughout the building.
  • We familiarise ourselves with what to do in case of fire as a precautionary measure (corresponding boards are available in every holiday flat as well as in the hobby/sports area on the second basement floor) and always treat the facilities and objects for emergencies (e.g. fire extinguishers, fire blankets, first aid kits) with care.
  • In case of imminent danger or damage, especially if electricity and/or water is involved, we immediately inform the landlord, the emergency service of a skilled craft and, if necessary, the responsible utility company (reference to "Important Contacts for Tenants and Guests at Chesa Bunita").
  • We do not store flammable substances (e.g. petrol, gas, coal) or handle open fire in closed rooms and loggias. This also applies without exception to smoking - there is a "separee" with ashtray in the carport for this purpose - non-smokers appreciate this very much.
  • We always keep escape and traffic routes clear. When leaving the building, we make sure that all windows and doors are closed and that all devices (cooker, oven, extractor fan, dishwasher, washing and drying machines, TV etc.) in the holiday flat are switched off.

4. Cleanliness and Waste Disposal

  • We remove straight away any unusual contamination caused by ourselves, our pets or the transport of soiled objects.
  • We do not dispose of any waste (leftovers, sweepings, tampons, chemicals, fats, oils, etc.) in the sanitary facilities, such as toilet bowls, washbasins, showers and bathtubs.
  • We do not clean or repair motor vehicles at the property.
  • We always dispose of hazardous materials and bulky waste ourselves and at our own expense at the Waste Collection Centres in Gaschurn or St. Gallenkirch.
  • We undertake to separate waste in the categories organic waste (green organic waste bags), cans, plastic, paper, residual waste, coloured glass and white glass and to dispose of it in the recycling room (accessible via the carport on the first basement floor) in the appropriate containers for further recycling.
  • We stow dishes and kitchen utensils only in clean condition in the cupboards. As guests, we leave all furnishings (e.g. refrigerator) cleared of our own movable goods on the day of departure.
  • Even if we pay a fee for the final cleaning, we always keep the rental object clean and avoid unusual soiling.